Paradox – a review


Featuring – Kevin Sorbo, Steph Song and Christopher Judge

Directed by – Brenton Spencer

Based on the comic book trilogy Paradox

I have been a fan of Kevin Sorbo for a long time, on and off.  I’m not one of those fans who have to follow the man around the world, hang on every word, agree with absolutely everything he says, because believe me when I say I don’t, and think he is god (demi-god maybe), although to be honest I don’t think Kevin has many of that type of follower.  I follow Kevin like I follow and love Star Trek, I enjoy the work but don’t really have to go any further than that.  That does not mean I am not interested but I feel that even celebrities deserve some privacy and personal life.  In saying that I participate, on occasion, in the odd discussion on FB, have joined the OEKSFC and I have decided to go to the Interstar Con in Spain Oct 2012 where I can meet both Kevin and William Shatner from Star Trek, two for the price of one, great.

I have maintained following Kevin because I like what he does with his celebrity status, he seems responsible and, although I have not met him, seems to genuinely like spending time with his fans, and he is not afraid of hard work both on and off the set.  I am a very down to earth person who tries to treat everyone equally which is something I see in Kevin’s attitude in his work, his contact with fans, interviews and charity work.

It is because I am happy to contribute towards Kevin’s celebrity by watching his films, reading/listening to his book, heading for the one and only convention I have ever been to that I decided to have a look at Paradox, I had never seen anything advertising this film nor had I heard anything about the film from anyone.

When the film started I thought, oh oh this looks as though it has been done on the cheap with the obvious pretend driving but then I realised that the film is actually based on a comic character and had been produced as such.

Paradox is a story of a detective Sean Nault (Sorbo) living in a parallel universe to the one we live in where magic is the norm and science is the stuff of myth and legend.  While investigating some strange murders his partner is killed and Sean, a homicide detective, is left to investigate the strange goings on with the aid of Lenoir (Song) and Winston Churchill (don’t ask).  Sean uncovers a plot that leads him into another dimension and realises that unless he stops the criminals both worlds will be destroyed.  Sorbo brings his usual presence to the screen with some high kick action reminiscent of Hercules.  Once you get used to the comic style captions (if you put the language to English 5.1 you get these in both English and German) it is easy to get lost in the easy to follow plot.

If you are looking for a film with a deep plot and thought provoking this is not the film to watch.  If, however you are looking for some light entertainment with a little action, not to mention the handsome leading man and pretty leading lady, then this is for you.


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