Mythica: A Quest for Heroes – A Review

mythica-a-quest-for-heroes-picked-up-by-contv-as-its-first-ever-original-feature-film-306026-600x586I first discovered this film a year or so ago when I was checking out some recent films featuring Kevin Sorbo.  I had discovered Survivor which features Kevin Sorbo, Melanie Stone and Rocky Myers, my first introduction to both Melanie and Rocky.  Melanie played a small but admirable part in this film and Rocky made me want to watch more of his work.  So the search began.  During the search I came across a Kickstarter project for Mythica:  The Darkspore and through that I discovered Mythica:  A Quest for Heroes.

This was the beginning of a great film adventure, as well as backing the Kickstarter project I invested in the first film, A Quest for Heroes; don’t like starting a story half way through.  A Quest for Heroes started straight forward enough with the story of a s slave girl, Marek (Melanie Stone), her life as a slave and her friendship with a wizard, Gojun Pye (Kevin Sorbo).  This, however quickly changes when she finds herself in trouble with the town guard for being out beyond curfew.  The speed of the film picks up pace from here and introduces the other three heroes, and major characters of the film, Thane a seasoned warrior (Adam Johnson), Teela, a priestess of Ana-Sett and healer (Nicola Posener), and last, but most definitely not least, Dagen a half-elven rogue (Jake Stormoen).  It is difficult to imagine anyone else playing these parts.  The talent and personality of the four main characters makes it very difficult not to get drawn in to the story unfolding before you.

Marek takes on a quest for a bounty from the priestess Teela, she puts together a team from some of the people she has met on her journey,  her team, when complete, consists of Marek, Thane, Dagen and Teela.  Their quest is to find, and free Teela’s sister Caeryn.  Their adventures lead to many troubles and some humour.  the story is very fluid and the actors carry this along well, each bringing to the film their own brand of drama, humour and tragedy.

If you are a fan of the Fantasy genre, and Dungeons and Dragons then this is most definitely a film for you.  It has all the characters, the action, humour, tragedy, good guys, and bad guys you could want.  If you are not a fan of Fantasy or Dungeon and Dragons, I would say to you, this is still a film well worth watching, it has the beginnings of a love story and much drama.  This film has something for everyone.




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