FEAR, RELIGION & EXORCISM: Demonic Possession and the Battle of Good vs. Evil in Horror

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EXORIST, I.V.(Contains Spoilers!)

I read two things this week that made me decide to write about the role of religion in horror.  Firstly, my idol Gabriel Byrne said that he thought the Catholic Church was evil.  Secondly, parks have a calming effect on the mind, apparently!  What have these got to do with one another?

Well, although I’m pagan I have to both agree and disagree with Gabriel.  Religion, like every entity, has a good and a bad side.  Both positive and negative psychology exists in most religions.  Many people have horrific or depressing experiences within the confines of a place of worship or due to the beliefs held, but just as many have hugely fulfilling life-long relationships with their God(s); despite my lack of Christian belief, I never fail to feel spiritually at peace in beautiful big Italian churches.  They are designed that way deliberately, to give you a sense…

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