Julia X – Thought provoking?

A discussion on Facebook re one of Kevin Sorbo’s new releases, Julia X prompted me to look more closely at the films I choose to watch.  My usual type of films fall under science fiction/fantasy, adventure, supernatural, action, musicals and westerns, I think that just about covers it.

A few of the ladies were commenting that horror type films are not their norm but they watched/will watch this one because Kevin Sorbo is in it.  Well that got me to thinking, although horror is not my favourite, I will be more likely to watch a horror film than a ‘chick flick’.  In saying that however, like those ladies commenting on Julia X, I have been known to watch some films that would not be my norm just because Kevin Sorbo is in the film.

Films like Last Chance Cafe, Soul Surfer and What If would have been films that I would have given a miss if it was not for the fact that they all featured Kevin Sorbo, and I have to admit I have watched all of them more than once, not only because of Kevin but because the story lines have been excellent, all the cast have performed well and the films have all been extremely enjoyable.

Kevin Sorbo is a great actor; he does not take his celebrity status for granted making as much time as he can for his fans, which, I think, encourages them all to watch films/programmes that they would not normally watch.  This has to say a lot for the personality of Kevin and his talent, not to mention his hard work, and what seems like never ending energy.

I have not, as yet been able to watch Julia X but I look forward to watching this film as much as any other film that Kevin has featured in.


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