Is there still a difference between NI and tax within the UK?

Below is a transcript from my facebook this morning 02/09/2012

I think it is time people in the UK stood up for what is right and held the polititians accountable for what they are doing to our National Insurance.  Any other insurance company would be held accountable for, at the very least, mismanagement.

Who out there thinks National Insurance is just another word for tax???
If you do, you’re wrong.
National Insurance, according to the 1946 Act, provided for compulsory contributions for unemployment, sickness, maternity and widows’ benefits and old age pensions from employers and employees, with the government funding the balance.
There is a National Insurance Act 1965 which consolodates with the 1946 Act – note the operative words INSURED PERSONS!!!!!!
I have contacted my MP and 10 Downing St to find out where our National Insurance contributions are going, my MP’s response was we don’t know Westiminster just give us a lump sum – well MP FIND OUT!!!!!!. By the way this is a SNP MP. No. 10 have yet to respond after more than 6months. It was an article I read a while ago, unfortunately I’ve lost it but will keep looking, that peaked my interest. In this article it stated that in 2010 over £53 billion was collected in National Insurance, my question is where did that £53billion go?????
If the government was a private insurance company they would have to tell us where our money was going and how it was being invested, this government seems to think that this doesn’t apply to them. If this was a private insurance company and the funds being paid into the insurance pot were not going where they should and were being diverted elsewhere then there would be an investigation/trial with charges of fraud/embezzlement.
I think this government, and previous governments rely on the majority of the people thinking that NI is just another tax which can be lumped with everything else – WRONG!!!!! No wonder our health and benefit system is in the state it is in.
It’s time for the people to stand up and say NO this is our retirement and our health insurance you are playing with and we want it back!!!!!!!
Ok, rant over 🙂

If I can remember my Social Policy correctly, the NI scheme, when it was originally set up was to run for a while before money was taken out. However, pensions and other benefits and the health service were taking funds out from day one. So our contributions are not being saved, but are being spent! Unemployment benefits were never intended to be paid out indefinitely either, they were supposed to be emergency payments used over a short term till people found work; and as we know government are in the main to blame for lack of employment, but also some folk are too lazy to work. Also, there were several generations where, and I hate to say it, but women sat at home bringing up children, their husbands paid a few shillings in NI on their behalf – but that doesnt really cover their use of NHS to have those babies or the NHS services they have used over the years, or their pensions. Also we allow foreign nationals access to funds, and the NHS without expecting them to have contributed. Hospitals near large airports used to see a lot of women coming here in their last month of pregnancy come here to have their babies for free. It sounds mean to say it but if we were to go abroad we have to pay for any emergency treatment. And we would not have access to public funds….Moan over….However, your right to pursue our MPs as they seem to think our money is theirs.
It would seem that it has been mis-used since day one. Time to sort it out properly I think, for instance you don’t get to use it unless you pay NI. Where would the private insurance companies be if they allowed anyone to claim regardless of whether they paid insurance contributions or not?

Long term unemployed do pay a minimal amount of NI, I know this because I have had to have two long term sickness periods due to arthritis/thyroid condition and I paid NI direct from my benefit. I only discovered this by accident as they don’t tell you this.
Also, I think people forget or don’t realise that an E111 gives them the right to basic health care within the EU, another use for our NI.
Very good points! I said something similar a few months back. We are basically medically insured. The government should have to answer where our NI payments are going – and your MSP’s answer is simply not good enough. You should complain or speak with someone else. I think you’d make an excellent politician, by the way! 😀 You could whip them all into shape!
Oh, I forgot to point out that the benefits mentioned do not include child benefit only maternity benefit – not the same thing. I’m assuming then that child benefit is included in the many things we are taxed for. Is it quicker these days to list the things we don’t get taxed for???

AD –  Lol, politians are too intersted in power and lining their own pockets, I wouldn’t last a day 🙂
Not all of them. Some of them are there to stand up for justice, and the rights of the ordinary people. More people like you in Parliament wouldn’t be a bad thing
What we need is more people to actually take an interest and differentiate between tax and NI, and make the government & polititians accountable for the mismanagement of our insurance.
You should write an article on that
I’d need a lot more information and someone who understood lawyer speak to break down the gobbledegook. I think that is part of the problem, make things sound as complicated as possible and people will just go along as it is too difficult to investigate.

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