Last Chance Cafe – A Film Review

Featuring – Kevin Sorbo, Kate Vernon, Jessica Amlee, Samantha Ferris and Scott Hylands.

This is the story of a woman Haley Brown (Helene Waitlin Boyer) who, on the death of her father, discovers that her ex-husband (the district attorney Paul Boyer) has gotten involved with some highly powerful unscrupulous people.

After the funeral, her ex follows her to her father’s home, where they argue ending with her running out with her daughter (Kylie).  It’s only after she has run away and is going into hiding, an opportunity that has been provided by the break down of her car, that she meets Chance Coulter and starts work at the Last Chance Cafe.  One thing leads to another and Haley and Chance fall in love after a bit of a rocky start.

This is a well thought out plot providing something for everyone, a little suspense, a love story and a little violence for those who might be feeling  left out, as well as some amusing bits.

All actors perform well and work well together making for an enjoyable couple of hours of film watching.  Even if you are not a Kevin Sorbo fan (main character) this is a film worth watching.


1 Comment

  1. Anita Walton said,

    23/06/2012 at 10:01

    Great review of what looks like a good movie!

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