Tales of an Ancient Empire (Part I) – A Review

This is an action/adventure/vampire type film.  Vampires attack/infest the kingdom and the princess sets out to find her father who was the mercenary who rid the land of vampires years before.  On her travels she finds one half brother (Kevin Sorbo), two half sisters and a niece to help track down their father.  They are of course captured by the vampires but saved by a mysterious adventurer. I was left with the feeling that there should have been more to this film and that it ended about half way through the story.  The ending looks as though there is more to come but ends abruptly.  Maybe there is a second film to come.  I was disappointed by this.  The film, as action/adventure/vampire films goes was ok with a few amusing bits.  Not one of the best vampire films I’ve watched but most definitely not the worst either.  It provided some light entertainment.

An update on the above is that there is indeed a second part to the story now available on DVD.  I’ll let you know what I think when I have watched it. 🙂


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