Petronius’ Satyricon

I took part in this play with Alyson directing while studying Classics at Glasgow University in 2006. This play is fun to do especially if you have an interest in Classical literature, well worth a read.

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This play is a stage adaptation based on the translation by P G Walsh of The Satyricon, a Roman novel by Petronius. Although the subject of a film by Fellini, The Satyricon was staged for the first time in history in the Debating Chambers, Glasgow University Union on 30th January 2006. The play highlighted themes of male rape, mental illness and suicide, which were not necessarily evident in the original text.

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Bacchae: The Pie-Eyed Piper

I took part in this play with Alyson at the Pagan Federation Conference in 2007. It is a creative mix of Euripides “Bacchae” and Robert Burns “Tam O’ Shanter” the play was a lot of fun to do and should be an enjoyable read.

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This play is based on Euripides’ “Bacchae” and Robert Burns’ “Tam ‘O Shanter”.
The Bacchae was performed posthumously in 405 BCE. Tam O’ Shanter was first published in 1791. Self-educated in the classics, Burns’ poem bears a striking resemblance to the Euripidean tale.
“Bacchae: The Pie-Eyed Piper” was first performed at The Pleasance Theatre in Edinburgh for the Scottish Pagan Federation Conference on 9th June 2007.

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What If – A Review

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this film  This is not my usual thing but I thought I would give it a try. If you like things like It’s a Wonderful Life you will definitely like this one. The performances by Kevin Sorbo, John Ratzenberger and Kirsty Swanson are brilliant. The story is of a guy Ben Walker (Kevin Sorbo) who 15 years earlier  left his girlfriend Wendy (Kirsty Swanson) in order to pursue riches and success in the business world. When on the verge of marriage to an equally materialistic fiance, he is visited by an angel in disguise as a tow truck driver (John Ratzenberger) who shows him what his life would have been like had he followed his original calling. Before he can argue, Ben is suddenly married to Wendy and the father of two daughters he also discovers that he is the new pastor at a struggling church. If he wants to go back to his old life, he first has to learn some  lessons about commitment, family, and God, and boy, does he mess up along the way. It is quite funny and at times sad. Well worth watching even if it isn’t your usual thing.

Tales of an Ancient Empire (Part I) – A Review

This is an action/adventure/vampire type film.  Vampires attack/infest the kingdom and the princess sets out to find her father who was the mercenary who rid the land of vampires years before.  On her travels she finds one half brother (Kevin Sorbo), two half sisters and a niece to help track down their father.  They are of course captured by the vampires but saved by a mysterious adventurer. I was left with the feeling that there should have been more to this film and that it ended about half way through the story.  The ending looks as though there is more to come but ends abruptly.  Maybe there is a second film to come.  I was disappointed by this.  The film, as action/adventure/vampire films goes was ok with a few amusing bits.  Not one of the best vampire films I’ve watched but most definitely not the worst either.  It provided some light entertainment.

An update on the above is that there is indeed a second part to the story now available on DVD.  I’ll let you know what I think when I have watched it. 🙂

The Quiet Man – A Review

Featuring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. 

This has always been one of my favourites and gives us a chance to see John Wayne outside of the Western and War film genres.

It’s the story of a big American guy (boxer) returning to the homestead of his ancesters after he has killed a man in the ring.  Of course Hollywood has romantised Ireland as only Hollywood can but it is a good, feel good film, with lots of amusing bits and an enourmous punch up.  You will also find a clip of this film in E.T.

This is a good film that makes you smile and in this age of troubles a little bit of a smile can go a long way.


The Resident – A Review


Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Christopher Lee.

I first watched this at the cinema and more recently on dvd.  A young doctor finds the perfect apartment where she plans to start again after the break down of  a long term relationship.  Things are not all they seem however, behind every wall are secrets and before long she has the feeling of being watched and the dream becomes a nightmare. Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Christopher Lee all give the performances that the audience has come to expect from them and yet there seems to be something missing.  The story line itself is good enough but it lacks something.  Although it tries hard it never quite reaches the depth that is expected of this type of film.

Still, an enjoyable watch.

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